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Community description:Make dreams come true. Grant others a wish they have, small or big, and post your own wishlist.
Welcome to Wishlists!

In this community you have the possibility to make other peoples wishes come true or you can post a list with your own wishes. Please read and follow the rules carefully. In the first place this community is about the fun to see what others wish for and to be inspired by it.

Posting your wishlist

- Every user may post only ONE wishlist.

- The subject of your wishlist HAS to be [username]s wishlist (example: elfys wishlist).

- If there are changes on your wishlist (you have a new wish or an old one was granted), please edit the old post and do NOT post a new one. Also, do NOT post a note saying 'Oh, and, I edited my post!' or similar.
Please always delete or cross out wishes that were fullfilled!

- Tell us a little about yourself! Who are you? What are your hobbies? When is your birthday? At least the country you are from should be mandatory, as this is an international community and it could be very important when it comes to mailing something to somebody!

- In your own interest: Keep the list up to date!

- All sorts of wishes may be on this list, small ones (icon or fanfiction requests, postcards), medium ones (books, collectible items, sweets, stationairy, used cameras) and big ones (a trip around the world, someone paying your tuition fees).

- You may link to wishlists on other sites (for example certain shopping sites that offer wishlists), but your entry should not only consist of these links.

- Be precise with your wishes! It is highly recommended to link a wish with pictures or even an actual shop-article. If there are clothes/shoes on your wishlist, add the size! Wouldn't it be sad if someone grants a wish and gets you the collectible item you already have three times because you weren't clear enough?

- Sometimes it is necessary to have your real life adress to be able to fullfill a wish. It is recommended to NOT post your adress with your wishlist. Instead you may add means to contact you privately (email or say it's okay to write you a message over DW). This way people can contact you to ask for your adress, if they want to send you something.

- If you'd rather be surprised, you might want to pick an address partner. This is someone you trust, who has your address and who is allowed to give out your postal address (!) to people who want to make one of your wishes come true. The address partner has to know you picked him as that! Don't forget to add a possibility to contact said address partner without you knowing.

- Posting a wishlist here is NO guarantee to get a wish granted!

- Please use a cut after the introduction or something. No need to cut the whole thing, just use your common sense, please.

- Please use tags! At least use the following tags if they apply: question, wishlist, wish granted, tip. And the country you are from.

- Feel free to link to the wishlist you post here in your journal or userinfo, but note that if you post it only visible for community members, not everybody who comes here over your journal/profile will be able to see the list unless they join the community as well. So you might want to post it public, if you link it.

Making wishes come true

- If you need the address of someone to gift him, contact the address partner, if there is one, or the person directly.

- Do not fullfill wishes you can't pay for! Never ever! Do not make false promises!

- Do not send rubbish or junk to anyone because you want to get rid of it. Read carefully what exactly is wanted. If it's not clear, ask!

- Check back if the wish still valid. If you are unsure, ask the address partner or the person directly.

- DO NOT EXPECT SOMETHING IN RETURN! This is NOT an "Tit for tat" community! There is NO list who gave something to whom and who is the most generous person and who the least! It's NOT about that! It is, in the end, simply about the joy of giving.

- You may fullfill a wish anonymously, but you don't have to.

- You can fullfill wishes the whole year, no need to wait for a special occasion or a birthday.

A wish was fullfilled

- Naturally you should say thank you, if a wish was fullfilled. Do so by email or, even better, with a post in the community.

- Don't forget to update your wishlist.

Other than that ...

What you may post
Except your wishlist you may post whenever a wish was fullfilled and you want to say thank you (photos? :D). That aside please so NOT post anything else (shopping tips, looking-fors, how-tos, ...). And exception is if you have something of value that you want to give away and you have reason to think it might be interesting for a member here. BUT be aware that you can NOT ask for money, please not even postage for it! And if you really, really think something else belongs here, you may post it, but a mod is free to delete the entry if she or he thinks it doesn't fit. Please use the tags!

I'm looking for co-mods who want to help me keep the tags clean and who would like to help me to make a memory of each wishlist. I would also be happy if someone would proofread this text, english is not my mother language.

Beside all these rules: Have Fun! :D

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